O is for Organization and Oysters!

  • “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  • A good thing, too, as I’ve been looking around for some extra time!!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been making a daily deep dive into that dark, wide crevasse of organization.  It’s been quite the project to work it in between the daily, weekly, and monthly chores.  I am, however, truly delighted to say that I can actually see daylight once again, and I’m almost finished climbing back out.  😊  It all began with a chore change.  Since the very first time my sweet hubby saw me fold clothes, he decided that laundry was his domain.  I was more than happy that he wanted to do this; in fact, I was downright gleeful! 

Hubby is ex-military police, accustomed to irons, starch, polished everything from buttons to boots and has, on more than one occasion, explained with great intensity the benefits of neatly folded, 4”x6” undergarment packets.  I on the other hand, lacking such military training, began our marriage folding his tee shirts first in half lengthwise, in half again widthwise, and then stuffing them into his tee shirt drawer.  In fact, I folded everything in this manner from tee shirts to towels to bed linens to, well, pretty much everything.  Seriously, who really enjoys folding fitted sheets?!  At that point in time we also didn’t own an iron.  My whole philosophy was “that’s why they make permanent press.”  Needless to say, while I was delighted, my poor hubby suffered patiently for a few weeks before purchasing an iron and announcing that he was taking over the laundry. 

Although I still can’t “properly fold” a tee shirt, I am learning, and I’ve mastered the 4”x6” undergarment packet.  😊  Even towels and sheets are folded neatly these days instead of just in quarters.  So, with a little more time on my hands in retirement, I stole back the laundry from my hubby who has been diligently washing, drying, hanging, and folding our clothes for almost 43 years now. 

However, now that I’m doing laundry and putting it away, it made me crazy that we could never put our hands on the properly sized bed linens for the various beds.  We have two queen-sized, one double, and two twin beds.  Hubby determined a couple years ago that flat sheets were useless and discarded them (or so I thought*).  ALL the sheets for all the beds were piled into the master bathroom linen closet.  They were not in any order, they were not matched for color, and they were mixed in with ALL the bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths for our two full bathrooms and our downstairs powder room.  It was a very full and very mixed up closet. 

Out came absolutely everything; it all got washed and was then divided into two separate baskets – sheets and towels.  As I folded the sheets, I matched the colors.  And then I remembered one of those “hacks” that you see floating around the web where matching sheets and pillowcase(s) were placed inside one of the pillowcases for the set.  With that done, I then placed the appropriate bed linens in the bottom dresser drawer in the room in which they would be used.  More space in the bathroom closet, and no more confusion regarding which sheets went on which beds!  “Oh, Happy Day!” 

Next came the towels.  I had two towels that I used exclusively to wrap my hair after a shower.  They were both almost 43 years old, threadbare (I’m not joking; I could read through those two towels!), and any pattern that existed on them had long since vanished.  Trash!  I had about a dozen white washcloths that were unraveling at the edges.  Trash!  I found only two hand towels for the master bathroom, none for the hall bathroom, and four for the downstairs powder room.  All remaining towels in good condition were neatly folded, and placed in two stacks on the main shelf in the closet.  The two hand towels were folded and placed beside them (to go into a labeled bin once the bins arrive), and the remaining washcloths were stacked beside them and would also go into a bin.  The hand towels for the downstairs powder room went, of all places!, in the powder room.  😊 

All our hang-up laundry is stored in a closet directly across from the laundry area (so much easier than toting it upstairs after every load).  I store extra laundry baskets in the bottom of that closet, and boy was that closet getting packed tight with our hang-ups.  I yanked out another couple baskets, pulled all the clothes out of that closet and separated them into keep, donate and trash.  Up until now, my slacks had always been hung on separate hangers.  That takes up a good deal of space.  Since I frequently wear specific shirts with specific slacks, why not put them together on the same hanger with the slacks neatly folded over the bottom of the hanger, and the shirt slipped down over top of the slacks?  One hanger instead of two seemed a good idea and, fortunately, it worked out beautifully.  There’s a lot more room in that closet these days.

Finally, while putting things away in their proper places, I noticed that the top shelf in my wardrobe-cum-bookcase had broken.  Out came all the books on the top two shelves, and my always-at-the-ready hubby anchored those shelves for me.  So, while I was in there, I reorganized the mess and donated or trashed what wasn’t in use any longer.  Phew!  I’m on an organizational roll here!  😊  Can I just tell you how fabulous it feels to open a closet door or the door to my wardrobe-cum-bookcase and see neatness and order?!  There are still plenty of drawers and closets left to tackle but, for now, I’m taking an organizational break to spend some time in my sewing room over the next few weeks. 

Now, about those oysters … we had the most amazing meal a few weeks back:  oyster fritters with a cheesy cauliflower mousse, and a green salad with homemade green goddess dressing.  I wanted to order more oysters with this seafood order but, alas, alack, and woe is me, they were out of oysters.  I have never enjoyed oysters.  I once, at hubby’s urging, tried a raw oyster.  I got it down but, as I said to him, it’s like slurping salty snot.  I was convinced that oysters were truly gross.  However, once I tried a homemade po’boy sandwich, I got just a little hooked on fried oysters.  I enjoy oyster fritters even more than the po’boy fried oysters.  In fact, I’d choose an oyster fritter over an apple fritter every single time. 

Here are the recipes I used for the oyster fritters, the green goddess dressing, and for the cauliflower mousse (although I topped the cauliflower mousse with about one-half cup of good sharp cheddar.

Oyster Fritters:  https://www.thespruceeats.com/oyster-fritters-recipe-3058723

Green Goddess Dressing:  https://cookieandkate.com/easy-green-goddess-dressing-recipe/

Cauliflower Mousse:  https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/cauliflower-mousse-235759

This week’s menu plan:


“Let all things be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40


  • After sorting through all the items in the linen closet, I did actually find 9 flat sheets. Only two of them, however, matched any of our existing bed linens. I matched those two up with their bed mates, and tossed the rest since I couldn’t even remember buying any sheets in those colors! It’s a mystery!!
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2 Responses to O is for Organization and Oysters!

  1. Geri Lawhon says:

    I like the look of Tuesday’s menu. Thursday isn’t bad either.

    • Suze says:

      Well, I left a reply for you but, gee, it just disappeared. Perhaps someone needs to moderate my reply? At any rate, I have frequently said that, but for a good burger, I could easily become a vegetarian. There’s nothing quite like a delicious, hearty hamburger on a homemade bun. With all the cooking I do during the week, “Takeout Thursday” could become a serious thing around here. Have a wonderfully blessed week!!

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