A Cautionary Tale

“I’ve got culture; I eat yogurt!”  😊  (~Me)

When our local supermarket didn’t have the only yogurt I’ll use for two months (an organic, whole milk, Greek yogurt) – it’s great for eating, cooking, baking, AND making homemade dressings (and, as well, it’s great for subbing for sour cream when I don’t have that sitting in my fridge and no one is ever the wiser) 😊 – I decided I’d make my own.  After investigating a lot of different ways to start yogurt, and carefully examining the ingredients contained in the starter cultures, I opted for a Greek yogurt starter from Cultures for Health since its only listed ingredients are organic milk and active live cultures. 

I purchased a half gallon of organic whole milk, grabbed my Instant Pot®, and jumped on into the deep end of the yogurt-making pool with both feet.  I didn’t give the process a thought.  Well, I made sure that all the pieces that would come into contact with my yogurt were scrupulously clean but, other than that, nary a thought! 

By the time I had gone through the whole boil, cool, add, and cook for 10-12 hours, drained it in a butter muslin-lined chinois into a ceramic bowl overnight, and spooned it into a Tupperware® container, I was far too eager to eat some of my lovely, thick, Greek yogurt creation!  I spooned some of the yogurt into a dish, topped it with just a splash of pure maple syrup, some frozen wild blueberries, and a sprinkling of chopped walnuts and dug in. 


WAIT!  What is THAT SMELL?!  My yogurt tasted absolutely delicious; however, it smelled like stew!  My initial foray into the making of my own Greek yogurt was quite like a Limburger cheese-eating experience; it was positively delicious as long as I held my nose!    

So, if you’re planning on joining me in the deep end of the homemade yogurt pool, I would suggest that you do as I say – buy yourself a silicone sealing ring that you can dedicate solely to yogurt making – and not as I did.    

I’ve since made two more batches of Greek yogurt that have not only tasted like luscious Greek yogurt, but smelled like Greek yogurt, too! 

Since this will be a weekly process, I did invest in 8-ounce glass jars and a yogurt strainer.  With the strainer there will be no need to hand wash the butter muslin after each batch.  Having the right tools is a wonderful thing.  Having the space to store the right tools would be particularly awesome as well.  😉 

“Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”  Matthew 25:34

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