I’ve been learning or, actually, relearning embroidery.  I’m much more a counted cross-stitch gal than an embroiderer.  That said, I’m working on a dress for my Livvie Love that calls for embroidery on the bodice.  After cutting everything out and reading all the instructions, I determined that the embroidery pattern (called “cornflowers”) was just not gonna work. First and foremost, cornflowers are blue and the kit for this dress contained a green and white seersucker fabric, white cotton batiste for the embroidered portion of the bodice, and orange, yellow, and green embroidery flosses.  Well, I say again, cornflowers are, you know, blue.  Obviously, the design will not work because you just can’t make cornflowers orange; I’m pretty sure it’s against the law. So, I needed to pick a flower that could be orange and hit upon the beautiful gladiolus. Off to the YouTube embroidery videos I went to find the most gorgeous glads ever to be embroidered in the history of the world … ever.

With the fabric cut and marked for the bodice and ready to embroider and, of course, having watched at least a dozen embroidery videos, I sat down to ply my needle.  And then I cut and marked another piece of fabric, and another, and then I went to my stash for more white batiste.  You do see how this is going, right?  

So now I’m practicing all these nifty maneuvers (I think real embroiderers call them stitches) on what should have been one of the bodice pieces I cut and marked.  This all looked so easy on the YouTube videos!  Before destroying yet another piece of bodice fabric, I’m going to practice a whole lot more before attempting this again.  Ah well, this won’t be a summer dress.  I’ll add puffed sleeves rather than making it sleeveless; she’s definitely growing too quickly for this to fit her next summer.  And, perhaps, pick up a pretty white sweater to wear over it.  I’m just hoping to perfect my stitching before snow flies!  Hopefully, one of these days my bullions won’t look like boogers any longer.

Holy cannoli, Batman! I just realized that even the center of the design isn’t centered!! I’m told that it’s been said that “practice makes perfect.” Have a truly blessed Tuesday!

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